Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Happy Halloween....wait, seriously?

Y'all, I know, I've been terribly remiss about updating this blog. We've officially been without internet access for the past 3 weeks until TONIGHT. I've just about gone bonkers. So here are some Halloween photos of the kids that should have been posted a month ago. Enjoy!

Introducing...Bumblebee the Transformer!!

And what a sweet little pup...

Lindsay, Liam, & Jon came over for our Annual Broadgate cook-out in our neighborhood, & then we all went trick-or-treating. This is Liam the Monkey laughing with Lincoln.

We had a great Halloween, & we also had a wonderful Thanksgiving, although our camera didn't even make it out of our car while we were in St. Louis. We gotta get better at this taking-pictures-thing.

Merry Christmas everybody, & I'll be posting again soon! The internet is back in our house. Hallelujiah!
Reunited and it feels so good....


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