Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Christmas

We were in McKinney, Texas visiting my family over Christmas. It was a very long drive, but the boys did amazing. It was smooth sailing the entire way. We had a wonderful time seeing the cousins, my sister & her family, & my parents. Here are some photos of our holiday. They are in no specific order.

Ben, Linc, & Tatum playing together:

Levi got a Lightning McQueen couch, & Charlotte got a princess one. Tatum liked sitting in hers though.

Charlotte & Levi:

Levi playing with his favorite fire truck.

Lincoln opening up his big Transformers gift from Santa:

The food that the kids left for Santa Claus:

This was the best photo we could get with all 5 kids.

Tatum, Lincoln, & Mimi:

Lincoln & Mimi:

Santa Levi: pic. Notice Ben is wearing a T-shirt & I'm wearing a tank top. On December 23. Seriously.

My Boys.

Visiting the trains display at Northpark Mall.

Cousin Lucy.

Hope y'all have a Happy New Year! Ben & the boys & I are staying in for New Year's Eve, having a lowkey evening. May your new year be full of joy.

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