Sunday, October 25, 2009

Camping, Stitches, & Gentry's Farm

I realize it's been a while since my last post! I apologize for my delay, but we've had a pretty busy past few weeks. We had our very first camping trip in our backyard, complete with a firepit & roasting s'mores. Then, we had our first ER trip with Lincoln. He ran into the kitchen island corner & had to get 4 stitches.

And today we made our annual trip to Gentry's Farm. I went there to hopefully get some good pictures of the family together. This proved to be simply a far-fetched dream only my mind could see. It's so frustrating trying to take pictures of kids who won't cooperate! But pretty soon, the frustration lent itself to laughter, & then we fell into the ease of what we might call 'punchy'. So none of our pictures are framers; however, they will make me smile for years to come.

I'll narrate for you. Here we go. Let's start with the camping trip. I'm using 'camping' loosely, as Lincoln wanted to come back into his warm, cozy bed approximately 15 minutes after they were in the tent. But the time we spent outside with the neighbors & by the fire was really fun.

Here's Lincoln so proud of Ben putting up the tent:

He thought he was pretty cool for having his own place in the tent.

Here's some of the neighborhood kids:

Later in the evening preparing to roast s'mores:


Three cozy boys hunkered down in the tent.

Last Wednesday, Mike & Sherry were in town to visit. They bought the boys a dinosaur Lincoln named Butch. Butch can growl, get mad & spit water at you, & he even has motion sensory thingies where he senses if someone is there. If nobody touches him for a while, he starts snoring. If you pet Butch nicely, he purrs & laughs. Lincoln looves Butch. He was in the kitchen laughing his head off at Butch's tricks. He was enjoying it so much that he spun around, jumped, & ran smack into our granite island corner. What ensued was hysterical screaming, lots of blood, & a trip to the ER. 4 stitches later, & he was fine.

Meet Butch:

Upon return from the hospital. The first thing he wanted to play with? Why, Butch, of course.

We went to Gentry's Farm today.
Here are sweet brothers before we left the house.

Mom & L-Train:

Sweet Levi playing in the corn buckets:

I love this little booger.

Linc having fun swingin on the tire swing:

Dad & Levi playing in the corn:

Here's a sequence of pictures that might make you laugh. Nothing went right:

Forget it:

But here is the funniest sequence. All I wanted was a simple picture of the three of us. It doesn't sound that hard, does it? Hmmm. Take a look:

Then I got a really great one of Levi & Ben walking through the corn maze:

Me & Levi:

We've had a wonderful Fall season so far, & it's not even Halloween yet! Be prepared to see Bumblebee the Transformer & a puppy dog. They're two cuties, don't you fret.

Until next time, friends...

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