Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Baby Rinks

Today was a special day in the Cissell household.  Back in the summer, Lincoln had a very fun day with Miss Mandi at the McKay's Mill Pool.  At that time, Mandi had a baby in her belly by the name of Baby Rinks.  Lincoln had a great time in the pool playing with Miss Mandi & talking about Baby Rinks in her belly.  

Well, Baby Rinks was born about a month ago.  When we dropped Lincoln off at school this morning, we told him that Rinks & Miss Mandi were coming by our house later that afternoon.  He was very excited.  So fast forward to this afternoon...he couldn't wait for our visitors.  

When they finally arrived, he wanted to hold Baby Rinks in his arms & play with him.  Here are some photos of their time together:

Here Linc is looking at Mandi, making sure that he is holding Baby Rinks the correct way:

Look how proud he is of Baby Rinks...

So sweet...

We had a great time visiting with our friends.  And it was extra special that Lincoln got to take part in holding Rinks & playing with him.  And might I add...Rinks never made a peep the entire time he was over at our house.  He never cried when Linc held him & "tickled him", never made a sound when Levi screamed in his face & threw a stuffed animal at him (all in love, I promise) & never even seemed to mind the utter chaos that my sons caused in our living room.  Yay for laid-back babies!  He's such a champ!  

Hope y'all are having a good fall season.  We certainly are!
Until next time...

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Mandi said...

That was such a sweet day. I laugh when I think about Lincoln positioning himself to hold Rinks. And then Levi screaming "BABY!!" in an octave that only dogs can hear. Haha!