Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Dizzy Disney

We have been at Disney World all week this week, & spending time with my parents & my sister's family. It has been so wonderful, & full of fun. We return home tomorrow night after a 12-hour drive through the night. Whew. The drive here was amazing...the boys slept & watched movies. I hope tomorrow's trip is the same.

I've taken lots of pictures while we've been here, & I wanted to share them with y'all. We have certainly been dizzy while we've been at sensory overload. Lincoln had no expectations because we didn't prepare him for the trip. The day before, we told him we were going to Florida & to see Mickey Mouse. He got excited, but was more excited to stay in a hotel ("my new house") & to see Mimi & Papa & his cousins. When we arrived at Magic Kingdom, he just sat there & stared. With every single ride we went on, he said nothing, made no exclamations,...just sat there wide-eyed & in complete awe. We went on our first roller-coaster with him, Thunder Mountain. He was white-knuckle-ing it the entire time & loved it. It was a mixture of glee & terror, & really really great.

Levi came with no expectations & will leave with no memory of this trip.

Here are some pictures that we have captured. I hope everyone's had a good week. I didn't catch American Idol this week; how was it?

Meeting McQueen:

Ben & the boys watching the Disney Playhouse Show:

Lincoln meeting June & Quincy. He was smitten with June. He kept saying to me, "Mom! June's so pretty! She has a pretty dress on & red princess shoes!"

So happy to be hugging June:

We tried so many times to get a good picture of the boys with my parents. Can you believe that this is the best we could do? What can I say, it was the end of a long day at Magic Kingdom, for cryin' out loud:

Lego Land, which was probably one of Lincoln's favorite things:

Showing off the Lego car he made:

Levi just sitting back, snacking, & watching it all happen. Heart.

Here Lincoln is at Epcot, right after we got out of the Finding Nemo ride (which he loved):

And here are the boys when we got in the car after our very long day at Magic Kingdom.

"What?! We're leaving? But I'm totally awake & happy. I've been in the stupid stroller all day long, watching kids scream & ride on big things. I'm ready to play!"

Sweet Linc so pooped:

Much Love from the most magical place on Earth...

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Michael and Jana said...

Lincoln's face is priceless. This makes me so excited for our trip!
PS -- American Idol was generally awful, with only a few a couple of bright spots. This crew may not be quite as talented as it was touted to be.

Melissa P. said...

so great! i have been thinking about you this week and wondering how your trip was going! i can't wait to hear more about it. and i have missed your idol recaps...last night was pretty rough. i think you would have hated it!

Mandi said...

Hey! The Gaskins have a blog now!! Yeah!! I thought it would be fun to start writing about this crazy time!