Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Last night I created a post about American Idol on Ben's old computer, circa 1996. After I was finished, I tried to click Publish which the computer promptly shut off by itself & I'm convinced it uttered something nasty on its way to its untimely demise. This then led me to promptly bang my head against the wall until I blacked out, just like that stupid computer.

So let me sum up last night's American Idol in one sentence: Will you marry me, Matt Giraud? No ring necessary in this endeavor. You just need to promise to sing to me every single day & I'm all set.

So I'll say a few things about tonight's Idol. I have made up my mind about Adam Lambert. Gay or not gay? The votes have all been counted, & the decision is made. Gay. What made up my mind, you ask? Only the fact that he pulled out the big guns & sang Cher's "Believe" last night. Cher ranks right up there with Babs, & you know what that means. He's just a little too stylish & hip to be straight, I think. And the fact that he wore slouchy pointy boots over his jeans. He gets in because his voice is really good & everyone's happy. I think he'll make it possibly to the Top 24.

I'm getting a little annoyed at Ryan constantly calling tonight's episode "Final Judgment Day". I know Fox wants us to be glued to our TV with suspense, but c'mon. I don't need words from Revelation being spewed at me regarding a singing competition. And a sing-off? This is starting to frighteningly resemble the infamous "dance-off" between Justin Timberlake & Brit-Brit. Not good.

The married couple? How did this one slip by me, under my radar? I've never seen these people before. I don't like either one of them, & they totally want to be Tim & Faith...or maybe I should say McHill? I tried, I really did. But we just can't beat TomKat or better yet, Bennifer. Ya know what ours is? Bendi! Ha, I love it.
I watched her sing with my hands covering my face.

Alexis gets through, one of my faves. Woot woot.

Frankie needs a bra with better support.

Matt gets in. If he hadn't, that would've certainly caused another black-out.

Stephen gets in, even though he pounded on the piano all the wrong notes & stormed off stage last night.

Tatiana gets a message from God to buy Paula's bracelet. She gets through, to everyone's surprise. Tatiana needs a Xanax.

Nathaniel is trying to start a new trend. Guy headbands. This I cannot vote for. Ya wanna know who has the hardest job tonight? Seacrest. He's just doing everything he can to not start laughing.

It was a fun night. We'll be in Orlando at Disney next week, so until next time...

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Michael and Jana said...

Tatiana annoys the heck out of me. I may have to fast forward through all of her songs (hopefully not many because she'll be gone) The only problem is that she is like a train wreck. I cannot look away! Makes me crazy!

See you tomorrow.

Courtney and Jason G. said...

Matt.... omg. I will move to Georgia with you.. anytime.

And, Danny makes me cry. Every time he opens his mouth.

If I wanted to make my husband happy, i would put tatiana and spencer pratt on an island and drop an atom bomb on their exact location.

Anonymous said...

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