Friday, December 12, 2008

lookey here

I'm trying to improve my photography possibly being able to take a picture of both boys with their heads in the same frame & maybe a smile out of one. It's not going so well. Levi's pretty easy to get a smile out of , but to get both of them smiling is a joke. Here are a few that I have taken the past couple days hoping something would turn out:

this was the best one I could get:

here's me trying to take a self-portrait of the three of us...Levi won't take part in this charade (Linc isn't too thrilled either, for that matter).

a cute contemplative christmas boy:

levi wanting to take the camera from momma:

already wanting to leave us:

Then, this morning, Ben & Linc went out in our backyard to go sledding down our hill with some of the other neighborhood kids. Here they are having fun:

Take a look at the trees in our backyard. It's so pretty with all the snow.

Happy Snow Day,

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Amanda Conley said...

Wow! It snowed that much at your house? It didn't snow at all here.