Friday, December 26, 2008

Did somebody call for a doctor?!?

If so, then great! Because Dr. Lincoln is in the HIZZZ-ouse... We had a very merry and bright Christmas in St. Louis with Ben's family, & Lincoln & Levi got some very cool presents (including a doctor's kit) from good ole' St. Nick. He's a funny guy, that Santa. I kinda have a crush on him.

It was downright frosty in St. Louis, so we spent all of our days indoors playing. I can't remember posting about this before, but Ben's parents may be living in the best home for children in the history of all things historical. They have a HUGE basement (pinball machine, Super Mario Bros. machine, pool table, big screen TV, etc.) filled with Hot Wheels, Little People toys, trains, planes, automobiles, and a real live-in clown who is on staff 24 hours a day to entertain anyone & everyone. (OK, kidding about that last part)

So all of that PLUS 3 nephews & 1 neice makes for a very active & fun-filled week! Of course, I had very little time to get out the camera & start snapping photos, but the times that I did--were well-received & fruitful. I will click as I see fit.

Let's get a kick to it:

A doctor's kit had been on Linc's List for quite some time. And when he saw it, he went bananas. He opened it right up & said, "I think you're sick, Momma!". Here he is taking my blood pressure:

Giving me a shot...

The doctor in deep concentration (BTW, he can't be "Dr. Lincoln" unless he has his blue glasses on):

Another one of Lincoln's favorite toys was Marble Run: (which, incidentally, was a favorite of Ben's when he was 3)

His top-notch present from Mimi & Papa (my parents) was a digital camera. Not 5 minutes had passed after he had opened up the camera, than the camera was full with pictures & needed to be uploaded to the computer:

BUT...not to be outdone by his little brother, Mr. MacDaddy Himself. (I can't get enough of this guy):

Levi & his cousin Mitchell got some serious face & cuddle time during the time we were there. Mitchell is amazing with kids, so he was on-hand whenever we needed some extra help with Levi. Levi just loves Mitch to pieces, & so is the same with Mitch. Here the sweet boys are (Mitch is 13):

Here L-Train is with his walker from Gigi (his great-grandma):

Levi & Gigi (Levi McLain is her namesake):

Lincoln cracking Levi up:

Ben with Shrek ears on...and Levi thinking it was the most hilarious thing ever:

We're trying to teach Linc how to ride a bike, so the big present of Christmas morning was a Spiderman bike. More than the desire for the bike, however, was Linc's desire for a bike bell & a bike horn...both of which were promptly put on the bike by Ben on Christmas Eve. Lincoln loved it all, & we even rode the bike on the tennis courts by Ben's parent's house later on in the afternoon:

Levi with Great-Grandpa Seabaugh:

Levi with sweet MeMaw & PawPaw:

I will leave you with the sweetest face in the world. This is what I get to wake up to every morning. My darling Levi:

We had an amazing Christmas filled with family, joy & laughter. The boys had a wonderful time, & we had a great time visiting with all of our sweet relatives.

I pray that your Christmases were bright, & may your New Year be full of love & joy.
May you experience the peace & hope that Jesus the Savior brings.

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Courtney and Jason G. said...

these are PRECIOUS pictures! Dr lincoln.... love it.