Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I've been tagged.

I love these games. I've been tagged by my friend Court, in which I'm going to tell six quirks about myself (only six?) & then tag three people to do the same thing. Fun stuff.

1) Our bed HAS to be made every single day. I love it when Ben does it himself, but then I feel like I have to "re-do" it because I'm a lunatic like that. Even if it is 9pm & I plan on going to bed at 10pm, I have to make the bed. Just so I can pull it down an hour later.

2) I am an interrupter. If Ben comes home from work & has to tell me a story from what happened that day, he has to preface it with, "Do not interrupt me until I'm finished. Don't ask for more details because I'll tell you everything you need to know." I'm really bad. Poor guy can't even get through one sentence without BigMouth over here asking for more info.

3) Every morning, I have to drink my coffee out of my pink diamond bling clock mug. I know those are a lot of adjectives to describe a coffee mug, but you haven't seen the mug. Coffee just doesn't taste the same without it. It was a gift from my sister, & I absolutely love it.

4) I love ice in my drinks, except when it's water. If I'm drinking water, I don't want any ice. Stupid, I know.

5) When I pay bills, I set out everything on the kitchen table. I write each each check & on the front of every envelope, I put a post-it note with the date it has to be sent out in order for it to get to each company on the due date. Is that a quirk or a rather serious symptom of OCD?

6) I have to be dressed for the day, make-up on, hair done, etc. by 8:00am. If not, then I feel like I'm running late.

And here's one to grow's one of Ben's quirks:

Ben has to be wearing shoes all the time all day long. Seriously, when he gets home from work, he'll keep his shoes on until he gets in the shower & then gets into bed. He hates going barefoot anywhere, not even in our house. Not only does he wear shoes all the time, but they have to be practical shoes, like Adidas or some sort of running shoe. And he gets upset with me if we're out somewhere & he looks down at my shoes, & they're not "practical." He'll say, "Why'd you wear those shoes? They're not practical at all." I thought this was really ridiculous of him to say, until we had been married for about 2 years & he asked me to go for a ride in his MG through the country. Halfway into our country drive, the MG breaks down & I have to get out & push the car so he can start it again. I was wearing flip-flops. He looked at me & said, "See!? So impractical! You can't run in flip-flops!" Excuse me, did I know I was going to be running full-speed down a dirt road in Old Navy flip-flops? But ever since then, I usually always keep a spare pair of Adidas shoes in my car. Just so I know that I'm being practical, even if I have stilettos on.

I'm tagging Lindsay, Amanda, & Daeon.

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Michael and Jana said...

Love the quirks. Those are the kind of quirks I wish I had. I probably need to have you come organize my life sometime soon. haha.

On another note/post....we have been watching the kick-ass hot wheels track often at our house. It looks like a rockin' good time.

Courtney and Jason G. said...

i love you and your OCD ways.

Amanda Conley said...

Ha ha! I love that list! And the pictures above of your baby are adorable. You could seriously make some major $$ off him if you decided to let him be a baby model!