Saturday, September 20, 2008

And...he's off!

Levi's officially crawling, yay! He's so cute learning how to do it, going a few steps, then falling on his belly...only to get back up & go a few more steps. This is a picture-heavy post, here we go:

Going for his favorite thing right now...the green Publix balloon:

And he's got it!

Just chillin'...

Look at those baby blues...Ben's nickname for him is "The Blonde Bombshell":

Here's Linc being the awesome big bro that he is...helping out L-Train with his pacifier:

best buds:

Hello, chunky thigh. so cute.

Doh! There's the camera!

Getting tickled by Momma...

Talk to y'all soon.

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Hesters said...

oh my goodness gracious what a doll. :-)

Jan said...

What a cute little boy! Actually you have two beautiful little boys. I love the chunky thigh picture. I can't wait to see if Adyson develops those thick little legs:)

cissell said...

We think he looks like cousin Clara! Very cute! Have fun with the new stage of exploration!