Sunday, August 31, 2008

Boxheads & Scootin'

Meet The Boxheads! Here are a few pictures of us having fun with something simple like a box. hehe
Here's LincBox:

Then here's Mrs. Box:

And Mr. Box (who looks naked, but he's not I assure you):

Then here's ShinyBox:

The box just wouldn't fit on Levi's head, so we didn't capture that magic. But here's some magic for you. He has started getting on all fours & rocking back & forth, & scooting a bit. Yay! Or should I say Oh No. We need the gates. And so it begins.
Here's the little monkey:

Brother Time:

And here's Smiley Joe in his highchair:

Happy Labor Day weekend everybody.
See ya peeps.

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Courtney and Jason G. said...

is that blonde hair?!?

Of course I have a special placein my heart for Lincoln....corgi
But that Levi....... What a crush I have on him!


Michael and Jana said...

Look at that blondie! Levi is one handsome boy.

Amanda Conley said...

Your kids are such cuties!

Hesters said...

oh my goodness, such handsome boys you have.They are both just so cute. I love the box heads...hehe.