Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A visit to the dentist, among other things

I am happy to report that Lincoln had his first dentist appointment yesterday at Snodgrass Dental. We loved that place! I've never seen such an amazing dentist office. It has cool toys for Lincoln to play on, video games, a huge Lego table, & much more. He was upset when they called him back to the room because he didn't want to leave the waiting room! We walked back to the separate room where he met his dental hygeinist, Elizabeth ("Wizabef"). He jumped into the chair & exclaimed, "Hi Wizabef! Where'd you get this cool chair?" Elizabeth laughed out loud, looked at me & said, "Oh, this is gonna be fun!" He was very vocal the entire time, which made cleaning & flossing his teeth go a little longer than planned. But he was able to watch movies, ask Elizabeth about 100 more questions, & when she looked at his teeth, she said, "He sucks his thumb, doesn't he?" I guiltily replied "yes" because there is just no hiding it. She even knew what thumb he sucked, due to how his teeth were coming in. When she left to go get Dr. Snodgrass, I told him that when he came into the room, he should say hello to him. The dentist walked in & Lincoln cried out, "Hi Dr. Snotgrass! How are you doing today? Can I stay at your work today?" The dentist looked at me, laughed & said, "What a ham you have on your hands." A quick look at his teeth (upon him saying damage had in fact been done to his bite because of the thumb-sucking) & we were pretty much done. It was a great experience & went muuuuch better than I thought it would go. Whew.

On another note, we are leaving on Saturday to fly to Texas. Ben is staying here because he has to work, so I will be braving the friendly skies by myself with the boys. The long list in my mind of all the crap I have to pack for them both for the airplane ride is already starting. Have I told y'all that I hate to travel? I don't mind the actual airplane ride; it's the arriving, checking bags, standing in line for security, going through the pure hell of the security check-point, only to wait at my gate for another hour before boarding. My dad was a pilot for 26 years; you'd think I'd be totally used to this. I am used to it when it's just me traveling! But it's an entirely different animal with kiddos. I hope all goes well on Saturday, & that Lincoln can be a big boy. I'm already prepping him to be "Momma's Big Helper" while we're at the airport & on the airplane. Sometimes he's keen to the idea; sometimes he isn't. We'll see what his mood is on Saturday.

I'll be posting pictures soon of the cutie pies soon.
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Amanda Conley said...

have fun on your trip!