Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The New Blog!

Well friends, here's the new & improved blog o'mine in all her glory. Cool, right?! Here's a shout-out to my friend Jennisa for giving me the lift. Her link is at the bottom of my screen on the right side if you want to check out her website/blog. She can do some amazing things, so if you're in the business of needing a make-over, Jennisa can do it.

I just got back from singing in a wedding in Clearwater Beach, Florida over the weekend. Ben's mom was supposed to come take care of the boys so Ben & I could have a little time away from the kids & have a mini-vacation. But unfortunately, Sherry got pneumonia & was highly contagious so she couldn't come. Which meant that Ben had to tend to the boys all by himself for 4 whole days while I flew to Florida & laid out by the pool. Poor Ben. Good thing: he got a taste of what I do every day with all the sweet moments interspersed with all the nightmare-ish moments. Bad thing: we couldn't spend the weekend together & I missed my boys like crazy. The wedding was beautiful & the food was unreal good. But I'm super happy to be back home.

Here's something we can talk about right quick. Two shows that I'm addicted to: a) Hopkins; and b) Intervention. Hopkins is a six-part documentary telling the stories of Johns Hopkins University medical staff. I cry at every single episode. It comes on Thursday nights at 9pm. Try & catch one if you can.
And Intervention, OMG! My friend Melissa Snider got me hooked on it, which ironically, is a show about addiction. Which I'm addicted to. Ben loves it too, & we managed to watch 4 episodes in 24 hours last weekend. It's heart-breaking, hopeful, disastrous, victorious & devastating. That's a glowing review, I know. Watching addicts walk daily with their addictions, confronting their fears & family, & then making the decision to get help. Or not making the decision to get help, depending on which episode you're watching. You're gonna wanna set your DVRs to record the next one.

You guys have a good week; I'll be posting pictures of the family soon.
I'm out--

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Jana said...

Love the new look. I think it is time for the Kelleys to make a change too. I'll be talking with you friend soon.

Mary said...

hey rhondi! thanks for stopping by to check on us...i posted a short one....we like addition too but i don't know if i could handle 4 in 24 hours...some of them are exhausting. the boys look cuter than ever!