Sunday, July 6, 2008

Happy 4th of July!

Happy Birthday, America! Those were Lincoln's words the entire day of the 4th. He carried a balloon around with the American flag on it, singing the Happy Birthday song. What a cutie. We had a parade around our neighborhood in McKay's Mill where all the kiddos decorated their bikes, scooters, power wheels, & rode around the neighborhood behind the local fire engine. Unfortunately, it rained the entire time but it was fun nevertheless! Lincoln thought the fire truck was super cool as the ladder went all the way up. Levi squealed the entire way through the parade, feeling the rain drip down on him & seeing all the people. We grilled out later that afternoon & then had some friends over to the house. Here are some pictures of our 4th:

Getting ready to leave for the parade in the hood:

Here Lincoln is with Ben, excited for the parade to begin...he also has his vote in for the new Sheriff (see political sticker).

Here he is, enjoying his Power Wheels decorated with American flag fans...what a hoot.

We hope your July 4th was just as festive & fun as ours was. We had a blast being a family of four & doing the all-American thing. Parades & grilling much more American can you get?!?
until we talk again...


Sherry said...

Cutie pies! Looks like a fun day! Glad you all had fun!HAPPY 4TH!