Thursday, November 8, 2007

Information that I could've used 7 months ago...

Here's something to give you some comic relief today. Or if not comic relief, then maybe just pity. My OB informed me on Monday that she's retiring next month. Retiring. As in not practicing her medical field. Which her medical field involves extracting a living creature out of a human body. Which means that she won't be delivering my baby in February. When my face contorted into something that must have resembled horror, she proceeded to say, "We thought we told you months ago!" I pointed to my belly & said, "Um...should I state the obvious here?" Telling a pregnant girl that you can't deliver her baby?...what a novel idea. Seems like that little bit of smarts would be in the "Bedside Manner 101 Course". Maybe she was out sick that day.

So I left the office feeling unprepared, totally left out of the loop, & frankly...invisible. I got home & started doing research on doctors here in Franklin that could deliver me. Let's face it--driving to Baptist every 2 weeks now & pretty soon--driving there once a week, is not a trip to Disney. We live literally 2 minutes away from Williamson Medical Center & 30-40 minutes away from Baptist, so it would make much more sense to labor & deliver at WMC instead of downtown Nashville. I was successful in my search of a new OB, & more importantly, Ben & I had a guided tour yesterday of WMC's Labor/Delivery wing. We were super impressed. It's much nicer than Baptist (aesthetically), although certainly not the baby factory that Baptist is. I have been told that this results in more specialized care, more doting on your newborn, & nurses who have more concentration on their patients & pray over you before you deliver. After we left the hospital, Ben looked at me & said, "Why didn't we have Lincoln there?" So after little consideration or vacillation, our decision was made that Levi will be born at WMC.

To anyone trying to get pregnant or who may already be knocked up: You may want to ask your doctor beforehand if she still plans on being a doctor by the time you deliver.

talk to y'all soon.

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Amanda Conley said...

That happened to me with Elijah. My doctor was pregnant and she had her baby first! I didn't know until half-way through my pregnancy that she was even pregnant!
But it sounds like God worked it all out for the good. I was born in Williamson County Hospital (But it was in a different building then) and I turned out great!

Rebecca said...

You crack me up! I can totally hear your voice while I'm reading your blog--I love that!

Amy Owsley said...

I've been meaning to get my Camp Cissell update - every time I see a Friend's episode, every time I hear "Franklin, TN" or see a new home - so that's what I get for taking so dang long! You went from new home to new baby name in a matter of months . . . and I think I'm busy. I will definitely keep your OB advice in mind, that is if Mike and I ever get around to growing up. j/k Oh, Lincoln and his Termite are too adorable. Tell Ben hey for us and we hope everything is going great!

Anonymous said...

Hey girl,

You were in my thoughts this morning and I logged to to see what was up - PLENTY! Glad to hear all is going well with you and yours. Between you and babies and me and colleges (Lindsey is a 17 year old stress ball!) we just don't run into each other as much as we used to. Know your in my thoughts and prayers. We have to get together!

Take care,


Tovi said...

This is great info to know.