Saturday, November 24, 2007

thankful for my pizza waiter & eddie the monkey

Happy Post-Thanksgiving Everybody. This post has nothing to do with the holiday of Thanksgiving, but it has everything to do with me being thankful. We were in St. Louis for the turkey feast & while we were there, some hilarious things happened. First things first: we learned that Lincoln loves running around the house at full speed with a mesh laundry basket over his head. He thinks this is the best thing in the universe, & it was a good hour of entertainment for him (and for everyone else in the house). See for yourself:

Don't ask why.
Here's another fun tidbit. Lincoln made a very good friend this trip named Eddie the Monkey. Eddie usually lives on the Cissell's basement pole, with his long arms & legs wrapped around it...waiting for a hand, any hand... to give him life. Well, Ben gave Eddie life this trip. Ben's voice transformed into this somewhat obnoxious, gruff, old-man sound...and Eddie was born. Lincoln didn't seem to notice that Ben's mouth moved to all of Eddie's words; he just thought it was so cool that Eddie talked & could look around, & could ask Lincoln questions. Lincoln loved him to pieces...hugging him, laughing at him, asking him questions, patting him on the back, you name it. We had to put Eddie back on the basement pole, however, when Eddie, Mike (Ben's dad), and Chris (Ben's brother) started making obscene & inappropriate jokes. Back in your corner, Eddie.

We made a trip to the Magic House, which for those of you who don't know, is a huge monster of a facility that offers tons of learning activites for kids of all ages. Lincoln had a blast, while I thought my water was going to break. My feet were killing me & I felt like a huge blob waddling around. Aaah, pregnancy is fun. Here he is playing in the water:

going shopping at the grocery store...

checking out the produce...

making sure the eggs aren't cracked...

And here's my darling pizza waiter, working so hard at giving good & prompt service to the patrons:

Whew, that's heavy...

We had a wonderful time with our family over the break. I am thankful for my pizza boy & Eddie the Monkey because these two things brought smiles to me and my boys. And I am so thankful for smiles & laughs.
I hope you all had a good Thanksgiving too.

I'll waddle back here soon.

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Michael and Jana said...

Fun times! Thanks for sharing the laughs.

Amanda Conley said...

Looks like you guys had a good time! Love all the pictures!

Steve and Val said...

He's so big!
I love the pictures!