Sunday, November 4, 2007

the termite

Ben brought home a termite for Lincoln yesterday. For those of you who are not in the skateboarding loop, (really, who is besides 15-year olds? oh, and Ben) it is a skateboard specifically designed for toddlers. Hello ER. As soon as Lincoln saw it, he jumped up & down & said, "Lincoln's skateboard!" It was love at first sight. There was so much love going on that he has to have the board with him wherever he goes. Here he is while we were on our way to Target:

Here he is watching his TV show with of course, the termite:

He even had to have it with him while he got into the bath:

And then he had to have it with him on the couch before he went to bed:

Clearly, he loves his new skateboard...although standing on it is an entirely different subject. He only sits on it for now. Standing is another post altogether.

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Michael and Jana said...

Some kids have teddy bear, others have termites. I love it!

Amanda Conley said...

My kids love to skateboard! My oldest especially. I love the termite! I may have to get one for Emet in the next year or two!