Thursday, January 10, 2008

"Watch Mama! Lincoln's Cookin'!"

This morning, I decided to make a Beef Stew crockpot recipe that my friend Jana gave to me. As I was setting up & getting all the food out, Linc came up to me & said, "Whatcha doin?" I said, "Mama's cooking." Straight away upstairs he went...and came back down 30 seconds later with his stool he usually uses in his bathroom. He put the stool right in front of the stove & said, "Lincoln's cookin' too!" Rather than have him stand in front of the burning hot stovetop while I browned the beef, we moved him over to do some of the lighter side of the cooking. We gave him a butter knife & some potatoes. He chopped the potatoes & put each one into the crockpot. He thought it was the bee's knees & loved being the big helper. He really loves to show you what he's doing these days...he wants you to watch him, ooh & aah over what he's doing, etc. So he said about a million times, "Watch me! Let me show you, Mama...Watch Lincoln cook..." Yes, he speaks in third person always. Then he added the seasoning, the water, the tomatoes & then he got to stirring. He really thinks he's doing some serious good whenever he stirs anything. Ben got some of these shots while we were making our stew. I think they're so cute.

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Courtney and Jason G. said...

Are you KIDDING me with not having maternity jeans on and being 36 weeks?

I am officailly depressed.

Amanda Conley said...

Ha! I'm glad to know that my kids aren't the only ones who don't wear pants!

Michael and Jana said...

I'm glad the recipe produced some happy times and good photos.