Monday, January 7, 2008

Update on the Waddler

37 weeks pregnant. Feeling as big as a barn. Peeing every 20 minutes. Insomnia. Ready to get the show on the road.
I went to the doctor on Friday afternoon & everything looks good. However, I am not progressing much at all, which leads her to believe that delivery is probably not right around the corner, like I had hoped. I'm praying every day for the Lord to break my water. I've been having contractions daily, which makes me very excited that Levi could be coming soon. But as soon as I get my hopes up & think maybe this is it, the contractions disappear. Thank goodness that my doctor will induce once I hit 39 weeks.
I have a couple prayer requests for those of you who would like to be praying for our family right now:
1) Please pray that God will prepare Lincoln's little heart for the big change about to happen in his world; and
2) Please pray that I will have as smooth a delivery as possible without any complications or problems.
We covet your prayers & are so appreciative of your willingness to take part in our lives.
We'll keep you posted on all developments.
Oh yeah, I'm throwing a shower for a good friend of mine this Saturday. You can also be praying that during present-opening time, I'm not contracting or standing in the kitchen with a big mop.

Until next time...

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Melissa P. said...

i will continue to pray!!

i had this moment of panic this morning and wondered if you were currently in labor and i just didn't know it! :) so, thanks for the update.

you are a great mom to both of your boys already!

Amanda Conley said...

Thanks for letting us know how you're doing! I will be praying for you. (I had Emet at 37 weeks and the labor was great - maybe you should go run around the block a couple of times!)

Lindsay Schneck said...

oh, dear... we will have some water boiling and some clean towels waiting on saturday. i've never actually delivered a baby before, but i've seen it on tv. i'm sure it would be fine :)

Ryan said...

Hey, glad to know how you are doing. I will be praying :) ....luv ya