Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Lincoln...a fan of Damien Rice? Yep.

We've reached the stage. It's the stage that I used to laugh secretly about, snicker altogether about, & just blatantly take as a joke. But no joke it is. It's the stage (in what I'm assuming is the never-ending stage at this point) of your kid absorbing every single word & action you say & do. Oh dear Lord. I'll set it up for you so you can get the full effect of its volume. For those of you who don't know me or my musical taste, I'm secretly in love with Damien Rice. This is no secret to Ben either. So I've been listening to his latest album frequently of late. We were running errands, it was just me & Lincoln in the car, & the song ended (it was #1 on the CD, if you care to wonder) & Lincoln screamed, "song again!" I looked back & he has this horrified, offended look on his face, clearly wanting me to play the song again. So I obliged, secretly thinking he didn't say what I thought he said. The song started again, & all of a sudden, I hear Lincoln start singing the words, word for word..."Leave me out with the waste, this is not what I do..." Um...I'm no scholar or teacher, but I'm gonna take a leap & say these are not the words he needs to be learning. Anything that involves "throwing people out with the waste" are not for a toddler's ears. I looked back & said, "Oh my gosh, you know the words?!?" He looks at me & says, "Oh my gosh mama! Lincoln's singin!" I called Ben immediately, & by the time I got home later that day, he had a compilation CD made with awful sing-a-long songs on it. Some of these include "Big House" sung by a girl whom I can only presume to be tone-deaf, "This Little Light of Mine", which is sung by a choir of kids who, let's face it, are just screaming loudly, & "Deep and Wide": there are no words to describe this one. A part of me died more sweetheart Damien to soothe my weary soul. It also makes me scared. No longer will I be a calm driver...I'll be clenching the steering wheel with bleeding eardrums & a longing to veer my car off the new McEwen bridge as Lincoln sings, "It's my father's house..." in the background.


Amanda Conley said...

You should get him the Curious George soundtrack (Jack Johnson) or the School House Rocks album. Those are great albums for kids and adults too.

Michael and Jana said...

I can totally understand. My personal music choice includes Gwen Stephanie. Joshua recently started singing, "Whoo Hooo, Eeee Hooo." If you know the song that belongs to you will understand why we bought "Action Bible Songs"

Good suggestions, Amanda. I plan to make a new purchase soon.