Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The cheese stands alone!

That's right friends. The Cheese is me. I will be outnumbered in this family...we just found out this morning that we're having another boy! Praise Jesus that he is healthy, normal & measuring right where he should be. I guess I should get used to wrestling, football, soccer, hikes, fishing, recreational sports of all kinds, & big appetites. I love boys.
To those who were praying this morning during the ultrasound: You are like cities built on a hill, lights that cannot be hidden.
Thank you so much.
Toodles from Big-Mama's-House-and-teeny-weeny-boy


Melissa Platt said...

YAY!! I have been thinking about you all day and wondering what you found out. I just got home and was going to give in and call you if you didn't post it. Yay for another boy and praise God for a healthy one! Lincoln will be a great big brother.Having grown up in a home where I was greatly outnumbered(5-2), I think boys are great. Thanks for sharing your news, I am celebrating with you!

Amanda Conley said...

Glad to hear that you're joining the boy club!

Rebecca said...

Congrats to you all!! You'll be a wonderfully outnumbered female! :)