Thursday, February 11, 2010

Awww, SNAP.

Oh no I di-n't. Sorry I've been absent the past few weeks on recapping my thoughts on Idol. To be honest, I don't think I'm up for it all this season. Cripes! Blast! I know, say it ain't so. But when it comes to taking care of the boys, the cooking, the laundry, & of course Jack & Kate...well, things just take priority. And Jack & Kate will always take priority. Lost now being on Tuesday nights kinda messes up my mojo. And we won't even speak of Wednesday nights because Ben & I tend to laugh our faces off every single episode of Modern Family. Then there's Miss Cougar. Let's not even speak of her. And by the time Thursday rolls around, I'm over it. SOOOO...all that to say (I'm so very sorry, Melissa!), there won't be many posts about American Idol this season! I don't even really know how many people read them, but if there are just a few or if there are thousands (ha, what a gas gas gas) my apologies are extended to you during your time of grief in reading this news.
But fret not, friends. I'll still be posting pictures of the family, my ridiculous thoughts on celebrities & what's happening in pop culture, & the like.

Speaking of celebs, let's talk right quick about John Mayer. I used to be a fan when his first album came out way back when. But his recent shenanigans have just gone waaaay over the line. Not even close to the line at all, really. Does anyone out in Hollywood Schmollywood have an extremely tight muzzle they can cap over John's mouth so he'll quit talking about private things that nobody (and I truly mean NOBODY) wants to hear about? I was embarrassed just reading about it. Good grief, Johnny. There is such a thing as discretion. Oh yeah, and class. Neither of which you have. BOOM.

Seacrest, OUT.

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Courtney and Jason G. said...

funny pic of you.

About JM... I cannot BELIEVE that interview. I mean, how tacky and self indulgent. And so much for Jessica Simpson being president of the Vclub.

I thought the whole thing was totally disgusting.

Courtney and Jason G. said...

oh yeah, and-

fingers crossed that LOST doesnt go all crazy SciFi.

Watch out for...
(in my scariest voice)


Christina said...

Oh dear heavens. I knew this day was close on the horizon. You're dunzo huh? I forgive you so long as you you make good on your promise to continue to blog your rear off on your fam and pop culture. Love, hugs and AI kisses good-bye to you!!!!

kdn said...

I miss your AI commentary!! :( I understand needing a break though. I am off FB until Easter and it is good for me. Hope you are well!! xo