Wednesday, June 17, 2009


I know, I know, I've been such a slackerblog. I just made that term right up. I've taken lots of pictures, but haven't uploaded them to the computer yet. Our days this summer so far have been spent with many (and I mean MANY) hours at the Brentwood YMCA (I have made so many new friends there, as has Lincoln...yay!), & at the McKay's Mill Pool. We've gone to birthday parties for kids at the Y, & have had several outings to Target, Toys R Us, & Chick-fil-A. It's been fun. But can I just say that I'm totally over summer? I hate it with a vengeance. This monkey business of it being so humid that my glasses fog up & I'm sweating by the time I get Levi in the carseat is for the birds. I've had several instances where my shower "just didn't take." My zumba teacher, Maggie, uses this phrase when she gets out of the shower, & it's like she never showered at all. You just get hot & start sweating as soon as you get out of the shower. I've had many showers that simply "didn't take" this week. This royally pisses me off beyond measure. Can I get some dry heat please? Just a smidge would be nice. Sheesh.

In other Cissell news, Levi has started saying some words like "baby", "book", "brother" (his term for Linc), "car", & "apple". It's cute watching him try to pronounce things just like his big brother. They wrestle all the time, & as it turns out-we think Levi will be rougher than Lincoln. Which we honestly thought was an impossibility. But whenever we turn around, Levi is chasing after Lincoln, & wrestling him to the ground. It's hilar. They have such an awesome time together, & laugh all the time. Levi wants to read books all the time. He wants a book in his hand at all times. I love this, because I love reading books too.

I'll post pictures soon. Don't hate me.
Ciao for now.

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