Saturday, November 8, 2008

A Day at the Farm!

Brace yourselves, people. This is an extremely photo-heavy post, so get ready! We had a wonderful afternoon today, spending time with our friends Joel & Holly at their house/farm. Their kids Samuel & Lily were there too, & we all had fun showing Lincoln & Levi the animals. They have 2 goats (Martha & Diablo), lots of chickens, 3 horses (Shine, Allegro, & Bono), 3 dogs (Ruby, Sunny, & Luna), and a few cats (can't remember their names). So you can imagine the fun that Lincoln had playing with all of them! He was able to feed the goats all by himself...all the while calling out their names, petting them, & chasing them...

We quickly figured out that whoever holds the bag of tortilla chips is Martha's favorite! Here's sweet Lily getting jumped on by Martha the Goat.

Lincoln kept trying to feed Diablo, who is a very shy goat. Lincoln would run at him full speed, screaming with a chip in his hand saying "Come here Diablo! I've got a chip for you!" This was Diablo's reaction:

Lincoln & Momma feeding the goats a chip:

Here's Holly holding Levi, helping Lincoln feed Martha:

After we fed the goats, Lincoln rode a horse for the first time! He LOVED this, & thought he was super cool. He rode a horse named Shine, & Holly walked him around the farm while Lincoln rode him. Every time Shine would stop walking, Holly would tell Lincoln to kick Shine to make him start walking again. He would kick him & say, "Yee-haw!" Hilarious.

We thought we should put a helmet on him halfway during his ride. I got a little nervous, afraid he was going to slide off Shine. Doesn't this hat make him totally look like a jockey? He's about the same size, too.

After that, Lincoln got to go to the chicken coop to chase the chickens & he even got to get two fresh eggs. He thought this was quite possibly the coolest thing ever. He named them #1 and original. He kept them in his lap the entire way home from the farm, telling us "Ssshh" anytime we talked because "it would wake up the chicks."

Holly let us ride in her ATV. And she even let Lincoln 'drive' by himself! He loved it, but he liked honking the horn even more. Here's him & Holly:

Sweet Levi had a good time too. He was held by everyone, but here are some cutes ones with Ben & Joel.

We had a great day & tonight when we put Lincoln to bed, I asked him what he thought of it all. He said, "It was so much fun at the farm. I like Miss Holly. She's my own best favorite cousin." Huh? I think he's trying to navigate his way around the meaning of friend, cousin, brother, grandmother, wife, husband, & all the other relationship labels. So that, in Lincoln terms, is what he calls a good friend.

Hope y'all are having a good weekend. We sure are.
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Memaw Cissell said...

Looks like a fun day at the farm! What a fun experience!