Wednesday, October 8, 2008


hi friends, folks, family, funny people!

It's been a week since I posted anything. Wanna know why? Because we've been by ourselves with no kids the past week! We dropped the boys off with Ben's parents last Thursday & we're going to pick them up Monday. Yep, you counted right. That's a total of 10 DAYS! A 10-day break! We were in dire need of a break & we got it. Yay! It's been a week of relaxing, sleeping, watching movies, Food Network, Lipstick Jungle (the list could go on & on), laughing my head off with Ben, hanging with my girlfriends, & lunching with my peeps. And the break's not even over yet. I miss Lincoln & Levi terribly, but I'm enjoying this time of re-energizing & resting. I'm sure there will be tons of pics to follow this post once we pick up the little pumpkins next week, so be looking for those. Coming to a Blog Near You.

I'm off like a prom dress,

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Jan said...

Oh Rhondi that sounds divine:) I hope you and Ben soak up all the relaxation you can!!!