Monday, December 17, 2007

writers strike is cramping my style

Seriously, what's going on with this writer's strike? I'm being forced to watch re-runs of every single show I enjoy, & I am now being shoved into the corner to watch The Real Housewives of Orange County...which ever so shamefully, I actually enjoy. Dreadful. Hate to love it, love to hate it.
Can't we all just get along the writers more money & be done with it. I tried watching The Colbert Report without their usual writers & it was torture. Just not funny. And that's just not funny to me.
One thing that did brighten my spirits last night was getting a preview for American Idol next month. Praise the Lord that Simon is back in full effect, tight shirt included. I saw a close-up of Paula claiming, "We are looking for greatness." She didn't even slur her words this time. Sure Paula, what you're looking for is a full flask & a plastic surgeon who is also a magician.
Ahh, the season is soon to begin. Blogging about AI makes me giddy.

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Michael and Jana said...

Great music. One of my very favorites.

If this writers thing doesn't get resolved soon, I might have to pick up a book again. Aaaagghh!

Amanda Conley said...

I miss the Office!

Courtney and Jason G. said...

heard that sista. If I dont find out what happens to Landry I JUST MIGHT DIE.