Tuesday, August 21, 2007

We're In!

The new house, that is. Surrounded by boxes, pictures that need to be hung, & a beautiful picturesque forest scenery behind us, we're doing pretty well. Still lots to do, but no more heavy lifting. I'm sitting here at Starbucks because we don't have cable or internet yet.

I've started with Season 1 of Sex and the City, & plan on making my way through each season until cable is installed. Can't beat it with a stick. Our sweet boy has been in St. Louis for nearly 2 weeks with Ben's parents! It's really hard being without him, but moving with him would have been much harder, as we all know how fun it can be with toddler meltdowns. He comes back this Saturday morning & is excited to come back to "Lincoln's house," as he so blatantly puts it. From check-ins with my mother-in-law, Sherry, I have learned that the little monster has learned how to climb out of his Pack-n-Play, & is just walking out of his bedroom at night. Sherry will be watching TV & all of a sudden she'll hear, "Hi Mi-Maw!"...Lincoln is standing right beside her, acting as if it's the most normal thing in the world to have climbed out of his bed & come strolling in. What a firecracker.

Not much else to report, except that we had a very moving experience the day we moved out of the apartment. A little history first: when we first moved in to the blessed E-4, we bought a microwave. And I use the term "microwave" quite loosely here. It was $35 from K Mart. It was a turn-dial microwave & about the size of my fist. I could fit nary a plate in there...only small bowls. We were trying to save money, & it seemed like a wise choice to save money on. After about a week of using it, Ben looked at me & said, "Worst purchase ever." We suffered through that thing, never knowing exactly how far to turn the dial before our food was black, charred, & smelling like burnt plastic. Poor Lincoln had to suffer as well, always very fearful of putting his cup in his mouth, for fear that his milk would be ice cold or smoldering hot. So on August 16, we walked out of the apartment & threw that god-forsaken thing right into the dumpster. Ben couldn't have been happier. Now we're in Heaven at our new house because we can actually SEE how much time we have left before our food is done. Man, we're easy to please.

Ta-Ta for now.


Melissa said...

i was just sitting here wondering if you were all moved in! i can't wait to see it! soon, i hope!?!?

ohh...climbing out the bed....scary! i have a feeling that is in my future!

Michael and Jana said...

Yippee! Congratulations on the new house. Can we get some photos soon?

In response to the big boy pants comment, YES! Joshua has been almost 48 hours without an accident. He is all of the suddent a big boy. Who knew?