Monday, June 25, 2007

Whoa, it's been a long time...

Hi y'all! It's been a pretty long time since I've updated this...I guess I've been pretty busy. Going to the pool every single day can really take it out of a girl.

Well, we have a huge praise to let you in on. Bobby & Saxon's parents took a 30-day drug test 4 days ago & they are both 100% clean! Praise be to God for He is faithful. Bobby & Saxon cannot immediately go back with their parents this week, however; they will go live with another family for another 30 days to ensure their parents are serious & committed about their recovery efforts. This new family that the boys will be living with is wonderful & their son is Saxon's best friend at Sixth Avenue. The parents are recovering addicts themselves (been sober for 12 years) & they feel the calling from the Lord to speak into the boys' lives about what they're going through, possibly shedding a new light on the in which Ben & I could not have done.
So our last day with Bobby & Saxon will be this Wednesday. Of course we will continue to see them, as they are at Rocketown every single day. It has been a fruitful month...definitely filled with challenges & difficulty...but certainly fruitful nevertheless. God has taught us some really cool things during all of this. One of them being that if we are called to do a mission of some sort (whether it be on foreign soil or right here at Royal Oaks Apartments), it doesn't mean that we have to enjoy it all of the time. I found peace during the days when I was frustrated with everything going on, simply because I knew we were being obedient to the will of God. I do believe obedience births peace.

On another note, Lincoln is almost fully potty-trained! We stayed homebound for practically 7 days straight (no, that was not a typo...I nearly went postal & jumped off my balcony) in order to teach him about the potty. He's got #1 down; #2 is a different story. But hey, I'm taking it day by day, & I'm just thankful that he can tell me when he needs to go. Whopee! And on an entirely different level, I'm gonna give a shout-out to God & thank Him for NO MORE DIAPER EXPENSES. Sheesh, I will definitely not miss buying Pampers. It's practically a whole new world.

The house has been at a standstill for a couple weeks...we're waiting on some inspections to go through with the City. When that happens, we'll be on a roll. Words cannot describe how eager I am to get out of E-4.

Happy Summer and Get Tan Everybody...bring sexyback.


Michael and Jana said...

Yipee for all of that! What great news about Bobby and Saxon. Let me know your pointers on potty training my sweet boy.

Courtney and Jason G. said...

WOOO HOOO! Congratulations on your faithfulness- to the Lord AND to potty-training! You and Ben changed those boys life- and you may not see the fruit of it now, or even ten years from now... but there were seeds planted; and He will harvest. How cool.

Dana said...

Roda...this blog was so amazing and inspirational to me. From the blessing you have put into these boys lives and through your faithfulness, look where the Lord is leading awesome and you were so right about obedience. And shouts out to my man Linc, he's growing up!!