Tuesday, December 11, 2007

quick update

Hello all. Just wanted to give you a quick update on how things are going. I had another ultrasound this morning & everything looks good & healthy. Levi was kicking up a storm in there, while I tried not to pee all over the bed because my bladder was so full. Gotta love that.

Here's something that made me smile. The first thing the tech said when Levi popped up on the screen was, "Good Lord, your baby's got a head of hair!" We could see it waving around on the ultrasound...like he was running on the beach. Which is weird considering Lincoln had some slight peachfuzz & that was it. Some people might have even debated the presence of the fuzz at all. I'm hoping it's dark brown hair with some matching big brown eyes. He would be the first out of 8 grandchildren with a pair of brownies. Crossing our fingers.
Here's something that made me cringe. The tech's words: "Big round head!" Those words alone aren't really scary. But when you match them up with the terms: labor, pushing, and sweating...they become quite terrifying. Labor indeed.

I could go about 10-14 days earlier than expected, which would put his arrival in late January. But come on, who really knows.

More to blog about at a later time...until then.

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Amanda Conley said...

Maybe you'll have him on Jan. 31. That's Emet's b-day. Or even better, Jan. 24- (that's mine);)